Solid Piece of Research

I’m currently in a state of limbo, having sent out my extract for the first extra-curricular workshopping session with my now ex-City University coursemates. We meet up on Saturday and we’ll now be reading each others’ pieces.

Mine starts with Emma’s sadness that James has persuaded her out of buying the wardrobe for the spare room that she really wanted and has persuaded her to go to IKEA instead.

I’d looked up a designer wardrobe suitably grand enough for Emma on the web on the Heal’s website and, in the interests of accurate research, I happened to be walking past their Tottenham Court Road store this afternoon so popped in to do some physical research. It seems they don’t have their most expensive ranges on display — they just have them on the web. But I found that the ordinary ones that were in the shop were pricey enough.

Heal's Wardrobe Price Tag
Heal's Wardrobe Price Tag

My photo is pretty indistinct but a 20% discount on one model still makes it £1,595.

A Heal's Bedroom
A Heal's Bedroom

There’s a mock up of a whole bedroom that might be to Emma’s taste. I dread to think what it would all cost —  with the four poster, armchair and large Christmas baubles hanging over the bed.

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  1. I’ve got a Heals chair like that one(in Emma bedroom)..does this make me artistic?

    Good luck with the work shop today Mike – be keen to hear how it went and how everyone is getting on. Have seen Mike B recently for a meal out and bumped into Sue who is now also being mentored by Emma but havent heard from anyone else. I am doing a tango milonga workshop this afternoon – creative YES – fiction – well that depends on what comes out of it !

    My nowel is comming on now but still much to do. See how I am geting on by checking my blog.

  2. I’ll do a proper posting on the workshop later in the week. Saw Mike B and Sue but we didn’t hang around to chat very long after the event — finishing at 3pm means that everyone’s arranged other things to do later on.

    I think your choice in chairs marks you out as more of an individual than the piece of furniture mentioned in my piece for the workshop did for my characters.

    I’ve regularly been checking your blog and following your progress with interest. I just posted a comment.

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