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City financial wizard and cookery TV show contestant James puts his ex-employer’s ‘Dealing Positively with Negativity’ training course into practice by sinking his redundancy money into transforming his run-down Chilterns village local into a gastropub.

But was it a smart decision, during an impromptu drunken bender round London, to promise the manager’s job to Kim: a struggling German conceptual artist from Shoreditch who makes ends meet as a barmaid?

Both are moves that James’ ambitious wife, Emma, is certain to try to make sure he regrets.

‘The Angel’ is a novel that explores the conflicts between city and countryside, art and commerce, conformity and impetuosity. It’s the story of two people from radically different backgrounds that they both share a passion to escape.

It’s only an early draft version but any comments would be gratefully received. The syntax is a bit contorted (long sentences) but then lots of blurbs tend to be like that.

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