A Couple of Points About the Site

I’ve added an RSS link to The Guardian’s Book Blog site. I was looking at this site earlier today and there are plenty of interesting articles referenced from the blog — not just the latest three that pop up in the sidebar under RSS — so adding the link on the blog will hopefully remind me to take a look there a bit more often.

Also in the sidebar, under Recent Comments, is one from Carole Blake commenting on the Crisis of Confidence post. Quite remarkably, this is the author of the book ‘From Pitch to Publication’ that was referenced in the post. She is a leading London literary agent and is the Blake in the Blake Friedmann literary agency which, I discovered by a nice co-incidence is based about 200 yards from the office I worked in for five years near Mornington Crescent tube station. Her comment is fairly self-explanatory but it goes without saying that it was an extremely pleasant surprise to find that she had been reading this blog.

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