The Gravediggers

A close friend of mine, Charlie Mackle, has come up with a series of short pieces (almost flash fiction in some cases) about a fictional pub that sounds like the dark twin of ‘The Angel’ — it’s ‘The Gravediggers Arms’. There seems to be some cross fertilisation going on (some names are oddly similar) but the style is much more comic and plays to the gallery of its intended audience and, I have to say, is somewhat less polished than ‘The Angel’s later drafts (there may even be typos).

But it’s been published and has a few fans who have even written in to the editor to complement Charlie. Should I be getting ├é┬ájealous?

He’s let me post a pdf of the first nine instalments in ‘The Gravedigger’s’ story in the attached pdf. Click on the pub sign to open the file.

The Gravediggers' Arms
The Gravediggers' Arms

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