Poetry Reading Today

Don’t forget, anyone who happens to be near High Wycombe this lunchtime, that I’m going to be reading six poems (of my own) at the Metroland Poets reading at the Oak Room in the Swan Theatre at 1pm. Free entry too — what a bargain.


Then I shall dissipate the after-performance stress with a poetry installation tour of the hostelries of Wycombe with my friend Jon — all in the name of research for my pub-based novel, of course.

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  1. Thanks.

    It went pretty well — no microphone so had to make sure I shouted out loud. I wasn’t too well prepared with something to hold my poems up in so had to stare down a bit to read, which wasn’t ideal.

    Nevertheless I read for 10 minutes and made no mistakes, which was better than I expected.

    This sort of thing is something that writers these days need to get accustomed to so all the experience I can get is valuable. And overall, bearing in mind the time of day of the reading when only retired people and those with, ahem, flexible working arrangements could attend then it wasn’t a bad sized audience.


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