There’s another story on the BBC website about the benefits of the ‘cuddle hormone’ — oxytocin. I referred to James’ view that human attraction was based on a whole mix of chemicals in the reading I did before Easter — and there was a quite a lot of feedback on whether the various things I’d referred to were hormones or not.

The story had links to an old web page from 2006 which caught my attention because it promoted something that was guaranteed to prevent fear of public speaking — which would be very handy for our reading evening on 30th June. It was titled ‘Sex “cuts public speaking stress”‘. It goes on to say ‘Forget learning lines or polishing jokes – having sex may be the best way to prepare for giving a speech. New Scientist magazine reports that Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley, found having sex can help keep stress at bay.  However, only penetrative intercourse did the trick – other forms of sex had no impact on stress levels at all.’ It’s all to do with something called the vagal nerve, as well as oxytocin apparently. (Maybe James can do some reading up on it?)

It doesn’t say how far in advance of the speech you have to engage in this therapy to make it most effective, though.

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  1. Mike…I enjoyed reading your last couple of blog posts! The bit about sex being the best relief for stress before speaking in public and it having to be “penetrative only” made me laugh as did the post about “cooking dogs…” definately use those somewhere.

    Whats the piece you think I might use for my 4 minute reading( which sounds omniously like a 4 minute warning doesnt it!)…


  2. Bren,

    Glad you enjoyed the postings.

    Yes. The sex article was amusing. Perhaps those doing the running order for our reading might have to bear this in mind.

    I guess I can’t directly steal “cooking dogs” from Corinne Mills, although I wonder if she got it from somewhere else. There’s probably plenty of scope for humour from missing commas if I do a bit of brainstorming.


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